Tiger Shark Eats Fisherman

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    NASSAU, Bahamas — A boater who disappeared off Jaws Beach – on an island where one of the "Jaws" movies was filmed – is likely the person whose remains were found in the belly of a shark, police say.

    Authorities used fingerprints to identify Judson Newton, although they are still waiting for DNA test results, Assistant Police Commissioner Hulan Hanna said late Tuesday.

    It is unclear if the 43-year-old Newton was alive when he was eaten.

    Newton went on a boating trip with friends off Jaws Beach on New Providence Island on Aug. 29 and encountered engine trouble. Rescuers who responded to a call for help found three men aboard who said that Newton and a friend jumped into the water to try to swim back to shore. Officials launched a search for them, but neither was found.

    On Sept. 4, a local investment banker caught the 12-foot (3.6-meter) tiger shark while on a deep-sea fishing trip and he said a left leg popped out of its mouth as they hauled it in.

    When officers with the island's defense force cut the shark open, they found the right leg, two severed arms and a severed torso.

    One of Newton's friends, Samuel Woodside, 37, told The Associated Press that he was surprised when he heard police say Newton probably drowned.

    "To me, he was always a strong swimmer," Woodside said. "I don't know what happened."

    Woodside said he and Newton were childhood friends and would go fishing almost every weekend when Newton wasn't working as a sailor on cargo boats or as a chef at local restaurants.

    Newton did not favor one fishing spot over another, Woodside said.

    "He was a sailor, you see," he said. "Anywhere where he could get a fishing line, he would go there."

    Newton was not married and did not have kids, but he left behind his mother and a brother, Woodside said.

    The beach near where Newton was last seen is located on the small island where the 1987 shark-terror sequel film "Jaws: The Revenge" was partially filmed. The capital, Nassau, is also on the island.

    Source: Judson Newton, Missing Bahamas Boater, Likely Found Inside Shark Off Jaws Beach

    Pictures below (graphic warning)

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  2. Lawdog

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    OMG! Glad I went with oatmeal and java for lunch...
  3. Negrodamus

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    That is some narsty stuff right there. Those sharks are mean assholes.
  4. The Rattler

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    Holy Crap..:eek:
  5. drarcher

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    That does not look like a tiger shark
  6. smoney

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  7. Negrodamus

    Negrodamus SRMer

    I initially thought it was a great white...
  8. bipolarboy

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    Friggin shark tourists.

    Everyone wants to eat a human where Jaws was filmed. Such a damn cliche.
  9. FSUViking

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    Chalk another win up for nature.
  10. Negrodamus

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    Luckily I didn't get assfucked when I visited the area where The Deliverance was filmed.
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  11. bipolarboy

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    He was just holding those body parts for a friend. Come on, man! You know how it is; a buddy comes up to you, and is like 'dude, I'm in serious shit. Can you hold onto some severed partially digested human limbs for me?'

    What are you going to say? No?! He drove you to hospital when you stepped on that rusty nail. You can't say no after that.
  12. drarcher

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    I think it is the angles. I don't see all the stripes and spots I am use to seeing on a Tiger Shark. They have a lot of orange color on thier skin and I don't see it on those pics, but looking closer I think it is just the angles.
  13. Lawdog

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    That's not what the picture says! I see the gleam in those whiskers...
  14. Str8KillinEm

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    Damn.....that shark attack probably went something like this:

    Shark (to fisherman): Hey buddy! Could you help a brother out and let me borrow some of your Carmex? My lips are a little jacked up, and I got this hot date later on with a Nurse Shark. She'll never make out with me if my lips look like this!

    Fisherman (to shark): No way sicko! I'm not letting you borrow my Carmex.....get your own freaking Carmex! Your Nurse Shark lady friend is probably a slut anyways, and I heard she goes down on Crabs!

    Shark (to fisherman): That's it! Nobody talks about my lady like that! I'm about to pull off a Carmex jack-move! And you're going to look really silly trying to fish with no arms and legs!!!!!!!

    The End
  15. Str8KillinEm

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  16. Ronin

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    Wondering if Msobert is rethinking that whole diving with sharks thing...
  17. The Rattler

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    I would bet on Msobert to beat the crap out of the shark..
  18. msobert

    msobert SRMer

    Nope, still wanna do it.

    Thats a hell of a bet, I would bet against myself in a fight with Jwoww so I'm not sure how I'd do in a fight with a shark.
  19. bipolarboy

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    Why? Are you allergic to the color orange?
  20. Ronin

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    Somebody check that shark again,I think the Dallas Cowboys season is in there too...
  21. msobert

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    No, she's not a woman...i swear there was a sex change involved in her past. Those boobies might smother me too, she's like 6 ft tall too, SCARY!

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