Spring Training Injury Thread

Discussion in 'MLB & College Baseball Discussion' started by MeLLo, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. MeLLo

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    Post em here

    * Shaun Marcum out with shoulder soreness

    * Ryan Madson out with elbow soreness

    * Carl Crawford could miss opening day after suffering a setback with his wrist

    * Ryan Howard is going to miss significant time after a setback with his surgically repaired Achilles tendon

    * Corey Hart could start the season on the DL as he will undergo knee surgery for torn cartilage

    * AJ Burnett will miss 2 months with a facial fracture
  2. MookStunna

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    I think I just read on the denverpost.com that Crawford will miss opening day.

    AJ Burnett's injury is pure awesome by the way.

    "Hey AJ, we traded you the the Pirates. Don't go doing anything stupid, because you still get your 23 million."

    "Guess I'll bunt a ball in my face."

  3. kofanis0880

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    AJ - "I would be pissed I suck, but I'm still getting paid for $23 million"

    Cashman - "Someone has to be dumb enough to take him off our hands... The Pirates"

    Huntington - "So Brian you're telling me I can get an opening day starter, a former all-star and some money for some shitty prospects?"

    Cashman - "Absolutely"

    Huntington - "Done"

    AJ - "Whatever, I still get my $23 million and now I can hit and bunt again. Awesome!"

    Huntington - "Fuck I thought I was getting CC"

    AJ - "Fuck I thought I was going to Philly.... Guess I'll bunt a ball in my face."
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  4. MeLLo

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    Same story different year - Chase Utley out with "general soreness" in his knees & still isn't participating in Spring Training. Here we go again...

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