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Discussion in 'NBA Basketball Discussion' started by J-Pass, Oct 13, 2007.

  1. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    First home game was played last night, so the fans got to see some playing time for all 4 rookies and our 2 new acquisitions going into the season (first regular season home game on November 3rd).

    Thad Young looked alright in his first game, nothing spectacular of note.. but as one of many young swingmen on the team.. who knows if we'll see anything noteworthy this season.

    Jason Smith looked like an absolute beast. We did play a lousy Net team that didn't dress 4 of their starters, but Smith was blocking shots left and right and putting up some decent numbers. He's got to watch the fouls though, he was just hacking on some occasions and that's just not going to cut it against veterans.

    Byars and Hill looked like your average 2nd round players, nothing really worth speaking about last night from either guy.

    Before the game, while preparing the graphics packages. I wanted to make a big to-do about Lou Williams and how he was averaging 25 ppg in the summer league. Marc didn't think it was really worthy material, seeing as the main storyline last night was the rookies, Booth and Evans. I did manage to get Lou in as the poll question though.. anyway, if you watched the game. Lou had 33 points in the 2nd half after sparce play and 0 points in the 1st half. He looked really good, he was on the verge of being player of the game (unfortunately the Nets pulled it out and Nachbar got it). I think we'll be seeing alot more Lou Williams this season, and I wouldn't be surprised to see him starting alot sooner than alot of people anticipated.

    I'm excited about this team right now. They may not have the people necessary to make a good run, but at least there's a lot of hustle and energy on the court and those things always give you a chance to win.
  2. Negrodamus

    Negrodamus SRMer

    for some reason i think Louis will be starting this year... just a hunch i have.. as a SG of course
  3. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    After re-watching the game.. I forgot to mention that the technical foul called on Jason Smith at the end of the game (which inevitably cost them the W, although it's preseason.. and didn't matter) was complete lunacy. Nobody in the entire complex knew what the hell happened or what the ref was thinking.
  4. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

  5. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    What about this trade (won't happen, but just for kicks).

    Los Angeles Lakers trade:

    Kobe Bryant

    Philadelphia 76ers trade:

    Andre Iguodala
    Andre Miller
    Kevin Ollie
    Willie Green

    Team Outlooks:

    PG- Andre Miller
    SG- Andre Iguodala
    SF- Lamar Odom
    PF- Kwame Brown
    C- Andrew Bynum

    PG- Lou Williams
    SG- Kobe Bryant
    SF- Kyle Korver/Rodney Carney
    PF- Reggie Evans
    C- Sam Dalembert

    I think it's interesting to look at.
  6. smoney

    smoney SRMer

    The Sixers aren't going to do anything this year as far as trades go. They have a bunch of money coming off the books after this year. All I want out of this season is a top 5 draft pick! Next year is the year we make all our moves...
  7. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    We're going to be better than people think. I don't think we'll be in position for a top 5 pick.. but you never know with the lottery.
  8. Negrodamus

    Negrodamus SRMer

    i dont think we will be better than people think... i think the rest of the league gets exponentially better while we get a little bit better.. but next year will be the year we have the players to go to the playoffs again
  9. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    Trade Miller for an expiring contract. Free up even more $ and minutes for Lou.
  10. smoney

    smoney SRMer

    I wouldn't mind that at all. Isn't Miller's contract up after this season? I wouldn't mind parting ways with Dalembert, too
  11. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    Miller has a couple years left, not sure exactly how many off the top of my head. I am positive Miller won't be part of the rebuilding process as far as a guy who will be around when the Sixers get things turned around. I am also confident his play this season will be considerably worse than it was last season with Philly. The sooner he is traded the better.

    As far as Dalembert goes I am always on the fence with him. Sometimes leaning towards keeping him and sometimes leaning towards moving him. Currently, I am leaning towards keeping him.
  12. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    My thoughts from the season opener...

    -The big man trio of Dalembert, Evans, and Jason Smith looked really good last night.

    -Korver has added to his offensive arsenal.

    -Willie Green sucks and should see limited minutes. Start Carney in his place and give Young the minutes off the bench that Carney was getting. Green looks for his shot too much and plays bad defense. Everytime he was in the Raptors lead grew and everytime Korver/Carney/Williams or whoever were in off the bench the Sixers made runs.

    -Calvin Booth didn't play much and didn't hurt the Sixers, but I still think they'd be better off playing Randolph and/or Hill.

    -Lou was solid. I like the way he pressures the ball. Also it is obvious he is really trying to become a true PG. He doesn't really look for his shot too much, only when he has a lane then he will take his man off the dribble.
  13. Negrodamus

    Negrodamus SRMer

    the fact that willie green is getting this much playing time is blowing my mind... how about you put Louis in at SG some? and put Carney in some? those players should not be in the game for only 15 mins.. and Green shouldnt be in the game at all... it looks like Korver had a damn good game off the bench..
  14. Wrathofkala

    Wrathofkala SRMer

    I was very encouraged with what I saw last night. I don't like the starting line up but we have real good depth. We seem to have lots of players who can do multiple things. Carney,Korver and Smith all should see more time.
  15. Wrathofkala

    Wrathofkala SRMer

    I'd like to get rid of the guys that can't handle the basketball. More teams are going towards a european style where every man can handle and pass. I see Dalembert as a good player but he also can be a mental midget at times.
  16. m2k989

    m2k989 SRMer

    Isn't it a little inconsistent to say that you don't want guys with ballhanding issues on the court after advocating for more playing time for Kyle Korver? He's a very good shooter, but he's one-dimensional. I totally agree with you on Jason Smith, he piled up the rebounds fast yesterday.
  17. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    Korver was actually hitting some shots off the dribble, something which he could not do last year. He has improved every year.
  18. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer


    21 points and 9 in the last 40 seconds. Start him! Willie Green sucks.
  19. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    also the wachovia center looked about 3/4 empty
  20. _illapeeno

    _illapeeno SRMer

    About 8000 less then a fourth of the arena said Chuck Swirski, Raptors play by play announcer. Delfino, Igoudala and Williams all missed clutch free throws, the game could've went either way.
  21. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    Only 24 points at halftime. Down 17 going into the 4th....No problem.

    Lou Williams 4th Qtr.
    11 points
    3 assists
    2 steals
    1 rebound

  22. Wrathofkala

    Wrathofkala SRMer

    Screw experience. Lou Williams has gotta start for the Sixers. We are a much better team with him on the floor.
  23. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    I've been telling anyone who will listen that Philly almost always plays better when Williams is in. He needs more minutes either at PG or SG.
  24. Wrathofkala

    Wrathofkala SRMer

    Well, one thing I want to warn against is creating another Iverson. Let him run the point.
  25. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    Well the thing is, as much as I like and support Lou he is never going to become a 30+ ppg scorer who can put a team on his back. I don't think there is anything to worry about. Plus when Lou is in at point its seems obvious that he is really trying to be a true pg and only really looks for his offense when they need it.
  26. Well, we have some building blocks. Lou Williams looks a lot like Jason Terry to me. He's never going to be an Andre Miller floor general, but he can definitely light it up. Jason Smith looks like Brad Miller with the way he plays--the young Brad Miller. He hustles, rebounds, and has nice touch from 15 feet. I didn't like the pick, but he definitely could be a nice option at power forward. As for Thad Young, it's nice to see that Mo is finally letting him play. I saw good things in the Portland game and in garbage time tonight. He still needs to improve his ball-handling, but he has the athleticism and mentality to be a big time player. I know guys wanted Al Thornton, but I still think BK made the right decision here.

    Say we finish with the #1 pick, who do you guys want? Right now I go:

    1. Beasley
    2. Rose
    3. Mayo

    Beasley looks to have the rebounding skills to be a PF. I know there is some question of whether he can play the 4 in the pros, but I think he can.

    Rose would allow us to move LouWill to shooting guard and Andre Iguodala to small forward. Though it would leave Thad on the outside looking in...

    I hate Mayo, but I recognize his talent.
  27. I've been anti-Sam Dalembert for a long time, but he has played really well this year (and even down the stretch last season). I wanted to trade him for an expiring to get rid of his contract, but now I think he is finally playing up to expectations. Put him next to an offensive power forward and not a one-dimensional rebounder in Evans, and there's no doubt in mind he would have 12 or 13 rebounds per game.

    11ppg/9.5rpg/2.7bpg is pretty impressive.
  28. crew

    crew SRMer

    But was it impressive last year too? It's basically the same stat line as then.
  29. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    Anyone ever notice how opposing teams announcers always say the same exact things about Dalembert?

    Every single game I watch where the opposing teams announcers are doing the game Dalembert always hits a mid range jumper early and the announcers always respond the same way..."WOW! We'll give him that allll night." or something along those lines. It never fails. Not a single announcer realizes that Dalembert is a double figure scorer, who outside of dunks, gets all his points on mid range jumpers. I understand Dalembert doesn't exactly look like much of a shooter, but do your homework! That is his game. He is a pretty solid mid range shooter and pretty much lacks any back to the basket moves.

    I just had to rant because it never fails and it really bothers me.
  30. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    Anyone else get the feeling that Andre Miller won't be dealt, thus the Sixers end up missing out on all the top prospects and won't have the cap space to go after a top free agent. PLUS we'll probably lose Igoudala. At least we'll still have Willie Green :roll:

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