Miami Dolphins: Philbin Era Begins

Discussion in 'NFL Football Discussion' started by dolfan2004, Jan 4, 2009.

  1. dolfan2004

    dolfan2004 SRMer

    So this team was 1-15 last year and 11-5 this year...

    enough has been said of this miraculous turnaround, but its something that truly needs to be understood; this team was historically bad and has just won a division. Amazing!!!

    yes, we had an "easy" schedule, and were "lucky as hell", but ill take luck over a certain amount of skill any day; you simply NEED luck in the NFL.....and yes our schedule was easy, oh well, go blame the schedule makers who gave us two shitty divisions to play; we play the games on our schedule

    Anyway, this was a magical season. I got to go to two games; the raider game (club seats!!!!! Field pass!!!!!) and i just got back from this playoff game. Both were fun as hell. Todays game was amazing. I attend the University of Miami and always say those atmospheres are just something a pro game will never touch, but today was just insanity. I attended the dolphins vs. Colts game in 2000 (lamar smith 200 yds!!!!) and i guess i mightve been too young, but this game today was amazing.....

    Joey porter was a beast all year

    Chad pennington was a man who changed this team completely, especially the offense

    what a great front office

    amazing coach

    Overall great year....

    The thing is, we simply arent as talented as other teams......Our talent level per player is relatively low, and overall, i would say we have a bottom 5 talent level in the league, and STILL managed to be a top 3 team seed wise in the kudos to the miami dolphins.....ill break down the game and give my opinions in another post, probably soon....and who knows, i might get un-lazy and do a regular dolphins thread :)

  2. new bob

    new bob SRMer

    on todays game:

    we got outplayed by a better team.....

    and that said, with 5 turnovers, we STILL had a shot at this game. this game wasnt over until ted ginn fucked up that reverse....i was at the game, i saw nothing but green as the reverse set up, that was an easy touchdown, and that would have had us down one possesion with about 8 minutes left, so even with all the miscues we were in it...

    the biggest differences were found in the lines.....our OL got DISMANTLED by the ravens DL and least 2 of penningtons picks were created by pressure and a hand/arm on his face/body (including the reed touchdown).....and as every team has seen, running on this team was just hard as balls, and im not surprised be abandoned it so early.....the coaching staff tried creative ways to run, but they just werent run game, no wildcat, and hence, no play action, which is a HUGE part of miamis passing game....

    plus, out TEs, which help a lot in the passing game, had to stay in and block, as did ronnie and ricky.....

    Baltimores offense didnt do much.....but when they did, flacco had a million years to find someone.....our dline didnt do anything in the form of pressure....when we got pressure good things this game they just didnt

    Pennington played bad-ish.....not as bad as it may seem....but given the situation thats as good as he couldve played.....he had 4 picks, 2 of which were totally pressure picks....the reed throw was a horrible decision though......

    it reminded me a bit of jay fiedler, when he was back there, just throwing it hoping chambers did something.... :(

    The ravens are pretty freaking amazing defense, and a decent enough offense, with a QB that was amazingly un-shaken.....the OL played out of its mind, and the DL and defense in general was just really freaking good, as always....

    so they won.....the game was still within reach until teddy ginns bobble though :)

    and now the ravens move on, and the dolphins stay ive said before, our talent level just isnt that high......greg camarillo and davone bess have been great, but they are both slot is teddy ginn (even though the argument could be made hes a nice number 2 to have, which is what i convince myself into thinking)

    We need more talent on this team, and hopefully free agency and the draft will help....

    but today, the better team won.....

    and while it hurts, tomorrow, after the sting, i can fully understand what an amazing turnaround this season has been
  3. SorelleJava

    SorelleJava SRMer

  4. MeLLo

    MeLLo SRMer

    just like baltimore's will be soon enough
  5. Barreh

    Barreh SRMer

    finally, there is a fellow ravens fan on srm(other than myself) :D :D :D its about time!!!
  6. Lawdog

    Lawdog Administrator Staff Member

    I would venture to say BAL has as good if not better a shot to beat TEN on the road as your Eagles have at the Meadowlands.
  7. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    Thankfully, we beat them the last time we saw them, but I really think the lack of Plaxico is going to be the biggest factor that's going to allow us to compete evenly with them.

    I just worry about how the Giants are going to utilize Kevin Boss, who is apparently our kryptonite. If we can slow down Jacobs and make sure to cover up Boss, I really like our odds next week.

    All that said, I agree that I think Baltimore has a good shot to beat Tennessee. If I had to bet on the game, I'd probably say Baltimore WILL win that matchup as well. I don't like Tennessee relying on their running game against Baltimore's D, Kerry Collins is not going to strike fear into the heart of Ray Lewis and Ed Reed.
  8. MeLLo

    MeLLo SRMer

    they could beat TEN but they're not beating the Bolts or Stillers
  9. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    I think Baltimore could beat anybody right now. Why couldn't they beat the Chargers or Steelers?
  10. new bob

    new bob SRMer

    this is not about baltimore!!!


    the team is good, but that offense just isnt there i dont think....flacco and mcclain played to not lose, which was fine with 5 turnover...that team playing like that loses 10/10 vs. ten or bal....

    and btw java? who the fuck are you? i dont agree with bandwagon fans coming on here and bashing my team, so politely go choke on, well anything.... :)

    oh and btw, i saw that coach sparano lost by one vote to coach smith for coach of the year, because someone voted half and half....fucking retarded
  11. dolfan2004

    dolfan2004 SRMer

  12. woody1351

    woody1351 SRMer

    good. we had a few good weeks running the ball but other than that, we didnt run the ball very well. i think this needed to happen.
  13. bipolarboy

    bipolarboy SRMer

    Guess Parcells thought they should've gone 12-4.
  14. woody1351

    woody1351 SRMer

    they should have gone 12-4 bc we gave the texans game away.
  15. dolfan2004

    dolfan2004 SRMer

    well, looking back, you could say we should have won all but 3 games (New England, Arizona and Baltimore)... The Jets won because their pussy kicker got hurt, causing them to go for it on 4th down and hitting that hail mary pass to who ever. And as you said we should have beat Houston... but we didn't and what ever... but alot of our wins could have gone either way also... so that is an effect of playing the type of football we do, you win close and lose close more often then losing or winning in blowout fashion.
  16. new bob

    new bob SRMer

    and if we had won those two games we still wouldve been the third seed and had to host the ravens :/

    I would be the biggest fan of pat white being on our team, it would be a great addition, he could make the wildcat very scary, and could be our third QB at the same time, behind the two Chads, freeing up a roster spot as well
  17. dolfan2004

    dolfan2004 SRMer

    yeah, he would be a great addition... always have liked him as a college player... didn't think much of him as a pro prospect, until week 3.

    He could also line up as a 3rd down back, KR, PR and WR... he is basically a more dynamic version of Brad Smith to me... very dangerous player, and I would love to have him in Miami.
  18. new bob

    new bob SRMer

    id like to see if this could become one of the team threads around in the site, so ill try and update accordingly as dolphins news is available (with a lot coming from PFT and ESPN)

    two parcells tidbits i did not post that i didnt see talkied about, amid the whole "parcells leaving miami" thing.....

    and more definititavely.....

    and sidenote.....where would a pat white be found in the draft? 3rd? 4th?
  19. new bob

    new bob SRMer

    brad smith was taken in the 4th....i could see teams looking at white in the 3rd, but anything earlier than the mid third seems to high unless he has an insane combine.....which is very possible

    i could definitely see some moving around to take him at the top of the third, especially since day 2 now begins with the 3rd, so teams have that night to see the BPA....
  20. dolfan2004

    dolfan2004 SRMer

    I thought when Cleveland and the Jets jobs never came available to him it was clear he would stay.

    depending on who we get with our 1st and Washington's 2nd and who is available still, I wouldn't mind taking White with our 2nd.

    if we can get Raji in the 1st and a good secondary early in the 2nd, then I say take a shot on White... if we end up going BPA in the 1st with an O-lineman or a LB (which could be very likely, considering Sparano, Parcells and Ireland's background) then I feel NT and secondary need to be addressed in the 2nd.

    So if it unfolds something like this with our top 2, I say take White:

    1. BJ Raji
    2. Victor "Macho" Harris

    If it ends up with a great steal falling to us and we go LB or O-line, I say we treat the 2nd round like this:

    1. Aaron Curry

    2a. Victor "Macho" Harris
    2b. Ron Brace

    BTW, Aaron Curry is just an example of a player that will force our hand into a BPA pick, I honestly don't see him getting past the top 5. But just giving an example.
  21. new bob

    new bob SRMer

    yea i would consider taking white with our original second round pick depending on the value we got with our first two picks, but we definitely need to address the secondary with one of our first two picks....

    I would like to think that paul soliai could plug in for Ferguson at NT once he retires, but i dont fully see it...However i wouldnt be for taking Raji or Cody unless they were BPA by far and away (and with the falcons picking before us one would think at least one would be gone)....I can definitely see Parcells finding a Giant NT to mold in the 4th or 5th that could be our future NT....

    We also desperately need a possesion reciever....Our top three recievers are basically in the same mold, and Ernest Wilford sucks balls...i think this could be addressed in FA though...
  22. dolfan2004

    dolfan2004 SRMer

    I don't see Soliai making it too long under this regime, he keeps failing to make weight, which is why I don't want Cody, because he will be more of the same, only worse... Raji may not have the upside that Cody has, but he gives more on the field, and always seems to work, from what I have heard about him... Cody is lazy to my understanding, plus dumber then all hell, so not sure I would want another unreliable mammoth with tremendous upside, over a guy, with slightly less of an upside, but a tremendous motor.

    I also feel a big WR is a big need, London showed some nice things in the Baltimore game, but how far are we going with a guy that was cast aside for the likes of Sinorice Moss, Domink Hixon, etc. but I find that after Keyshown, the first round is not a spot for possession WRs, they always seem to fall on their face... but the late round guys succeed alot more, because, IMO, they don't try to do too much, they stick to their role and thrive, where as 1st rounders probably try to do too much, get out of their role and try to be Randy Moss, that is just my theory though, but either way I like some of the small school guys.
  23. new bob

    new bob SRMer

    I feel the same about Cody....but with that size if for some reason he falls (thankfully he wont) one would think we would take him.....

    lots of ways we could go with the pick..... while id love to be picking earlier im still quite ecstatic about our season and getting to pick 24th
  24. woody1351

    woody1351 SRMer

    if we cant get white in the 6th or 7th round i dont want him. we have bigger needs then a 3rd string QB that could replace ronnie in the wildcat.
  25. new bob

    new bob SRMer

    thats true....idk how i feel about it.....there are other prospects that could fit the mold as well that may be undrafted free agents (forgot the name, but the QB from appalachian state could fit that mold)

    i would probably be upset if we took him in the second, and indifferent if we took him in the third.....4th and below would be a good pick up, but i can see a team taking him earlier....who knows...

    the main things that will determine where we go in the draft and FA is whether we resign Vernon Carey, Channing Crowder, and (most importantly IMO) Yeremiah bell.....
  26. new bob

    new bob SRMer

    and btw white could easily become a 4th WR who can stretch the field.....not that it matters much with penningtons arm, but 1-2 years down the road henne having 3 deep threats in ginn bess and white could serve to be very scary....
  27. dolfan2004

    dolfan2004 SRMer

    Yeah, YB Crowder and Carey will all be important to resign... our best LB, as Coach Sparano put it "one of our 2 best run blockers" and I agree YB will be very important to bring back.
  28. new bob

    new bob SRMer

    i know the game was outrageous by itself, but the one game crowder missed was the KC game that thigpen looked like montana.....we are better with him in there....

    If he goes, i think we immediately go after Bart Scott.....

    The ravens have Ray-Ray and terrell suggs as primary targets...

    after them, i doubt theres room left for Scott or Jason Brown....i would love to get 1-2 of those 4 players (minus ray ray, the only UM alum i hate......)
  29. woody1351

    woody1351 SRMer

    im not a big fan of channing but i agree on the KC game when he was gone our D was bad. I would still like to get someone else in there, to play LB.
  30. dolfan2004

    dolfan2004 SRMer

    Looks like the firing of Mike Maser was solely because, well someone better was there for the taking... I guess.

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