Los Angeles Lakers 2015 Off Season: #2 Pick in the Draft!!

Discussion in 'NBA Basketball Discussion' started by _illapeeno, Jul 25, 2005.

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    I can't find the old laker thread jshow34 started, so I'm gona start a new one. You can put anything in this thread that has to do with the Lakers such as rumors, signings, hirings, trades etc.

    Well the Brown for Bulter trade has already been brought to the public. And personally I don't like seeing Butler go, but the Lakers have a load of s/fs so why not get some value for one of our many s/fs? Most likely Atkins will be shipped along with Butler to balance out the trade so that leaves us without a starting PG.

    I just don't think Sasha is ready to step in as the starting pg yet, he can spell 10-15min for whoever ends up as the starting pg for the Lakers. Now who could this starting pg be?

    Lakers could sign Stoudamire or Lue
    July 22
    Orange County Register (scroll down) (registration required): "The Lakers continue to pursue a free-agent guard who can handle the ball and have made overtures toward Damon Stoudamire and Tyronn Lue."

    Either one of these guys would be an upgrade over Atkins, but personally I'd like to try and do a sign and trade with Memphis to get Watson, Walton and Divac for Watson. Sure he's a bit undersized to play in the traingle but his hustle and low turnover ratio and defense are worth it.

    Thoughts and prayers go out to Ronny Turiaf, hope to see you play in a Lakers uniform in the future.
  2. stoudamire would be a good fit in the triangle, a pg that can shoot 3s
  3. _illapeeno

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    Yes he can shoot three's but out of the three pgs I mentioned he's far by the shortest and with Phil Coaching he's looking for a big pg to run the traingle.
  4. he is the best FA pg still avaliable
  5. _illapeeno

    _illapeeno SRMer

    Marko Jaric is still available but to me he's a long shot, not only is he a restricted free agent but I'm betting he'll be asking for more then the MLE.
    He'd be a good fit in the traingle, he's a big pg at 6'7 and he's get a decent three point shot.
  6. i forgot about him
  7. _illapeeno

    _illapeeno SRMer

    Jaric will probably end up re-signing with the Clippers or end up with the Cavs since they lost out on signing Sarunas Jasikevicius and they have more money to offer then the Lakers.
  8. Eric Snow would cost less.....
  9. _illapeeno

    _illapeeno SRMer

    He's also undersized, doesn't have a three point shot and is getting up there in age.
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    hi...i been at sports rumour mill for a long long time. I'm a real lakers fan
  11. _illapeeno

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    Thats good to hear, you should come out and post more often.
  12. I wouldn't want Stoudamire, because he'd cost to much and he's getting old too.
  13. if it was between snow and stoudamire id take stoudamire everytime
  14. trainwreck

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    I still agree on trading for Watson, I think he is the best option out there.
  15. I would too, but it's all about the $$$$ and Damon will want a lot of it.

    Agreed, Watson is a solid player who will have a lot of assists and a good amount of points to add onto the Lakers if he gets traded to them.
  16. i would rather have stoudimire than snow on the lakers. snow is not the point guard that should be starting on a team that wants to contend for the finals. if we are just going for the playoffs, then thats a great point guard to have. however, if we just make the playoffs, and lose in the first round, then me, and most of the lakers fans are going to probably be pretty pissed off. snow had a good season in 03-04. but he is 32 years old now, and he will be 33 by playoff time. he was good when he was with the sixers. then he went to the cavs, and he didnt do anything last year. yeah, he only started 15 games, but he played in every game but one of them. snow is still a decent player when he gets the chance, but he is not the player that he was when the sixers went to the finals. he was 28 when that happened. he was in his prime. he is past his prime now, and he would not be my number one choice for a starting point guard. if we got snow, i would not be mad at all, i would be somewhat happy. but i think that we can do better than snow. snow is still better than what we have now, so he is still an improvement.

    stoudimire is 31, and he will be 32 when the season starts. he is still a better player than snow. he averaged almost 16 ppg last season. he is not washed up at all, he is still a great player, he showed that last season. he had 54 points in one game last year. stoudimire has a nice three shot and can run the point very well. he can pass, shoot, and everything else. hes not a bad defender either. his only downsides are that he gets in trouble a lot, and the amount of money that it will cost to pay him to come to the lakers. i would be very happy if we somehow got stoudimire. he can help kobe get us deep into the playoffs, and get the fan support back.

    jaric will most likely resign with the clippers, especially now that simmons is gone, so they have more than enough money. but if he doesnt, he is young, and definitally worth looking into signing. he is a good player, and will only get better.

    there is also the option of a trade. we could trade for a good point guard if we can not sign one of them in free agency. that shouldnt happen, but it still could. there was some talk about jason kidd going to the lakers, which would obviously be the best option. but if we wait for the trade to happen, and dont use the free agency point guards, then that is a huge risk to take. the only option i see if we waited until the season to trade for kidd, would be to sign snow first. i do not think that a trade for kidd is going to happen soon though. he is 32 right now, but he is still one of the best point guards in the game. if we could make a trade for him. i would definitally sign snow just as a backup plan incase the trade didnt go through. if we made the trade, and signed stoudimire, then we would be spending too much money, unless we sent stoudimire to new jersey, which i dont think will happen.

    if we just go out of free agency, i say that we sign stoudimire if the difference in contracts is $2-3 million per year between stoudimire and snow. if it is more, then just go after snow, and hopefully land a trade with the nets. even if we dont, we still won in the offseason by signing snow. he is still a good point guard, and a positive influence for the younger guys on the team. the lakers need to make a move for a point guard and the only way that we can lose out in the offseason is if we dont do anything.
  17. the nets wont trade kidd now, they have a better team then when they went to the finals
  18. _illapeeno

    _illapeeno SRMer

    Early prognosis good for Turiaf

    From staff reports
    July 26, 2005

    The early prognosis for basketball standout Ronny Turiaf appears promising.

    After more than six hours in open-heart surgery today, doctors at Stanford University Medical Center were able to repair an enlarged aortic root in Turiaf’s heart without having to replace the valve, a hospital official said.

    “That’s terrific news,” said Gonzaga University coach Mark Few. “It’s as good as we could have hoped for.”

    Although it was too early to predict what kind of recovery the former Gonzaga star could expect, a valve replacement likely would have ended Turiaf’s chances of playing in the NBA.

    Los Angeles Lakers officials, who chose Turiaf in the second round of this year’s NBA draft, had warned that they wouldn’t let Turiaf play for them if his heart valve had to be replaced.

    The defect was detected during a physical required by the Lakers as part of his pro contract. The Lakers agreed to pay for the surgery regardless of the outcome.
  19. _illapeeno

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    Riverside Press Enterprise:

    Aaron Goodwin, the agent for both Gary Payton and Damon Stoudamire, said Wednesday there is mutual interest between his clients and the Lakers and there have been "positive conversations" about one of the veteran guards possibly joining the Lakers.

    The Lakers are offering just a two-year deal at $5 million annually. Goodwin said both Payton, who played for LA during the 2003-04 season and turns 37 on Saturday, and Stoudamire, who turns 32 in September and also has talked to Houston, Orlando and Miami, are looking for longer deals.

    But Goodwin said both would consider the Lakers because "they are a great organization" -- a surprising possibility for Payton, who had harsh words for them after he was traded to Boston last summer.

    The Lakers also have contacted free-agent guard Tyronn Lue, 28, a former Laker.

    The Lakers would have just three guards on their roster -- Kobe Bryant, second-year player Sasha Vujacic and rookie Von Wafer -- after agreeing to a trade sending starting point guard Chucky Atkins to Washington. They missed out on Antonio Daniels, who agreed to a deal with the Wizards.

    Even if Payton is willing to play for the 2year 5 million contract I wouldnt' want him back. He struggled playing in the triangle system and with Phil back the triangle will be our main offensive system. Plus Payton isnt that good of a three point shooter to begin with. Now Damon Stoudemire (Mighty Mouse) may be small but his ability to penetrate and hit threes more then makes up for it. I also wouldn't mind seeing Lue come back, he's a good defender and already knows the triangle system as he played for us during 01.
  20. Mltwnsfinest

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    good news. i hope he can play soon enough
  21. Agreed.
  22. i think they r tryin for stoudamire not payton, payton blasts the lakers at every chance possible
  23. trainwreck

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    Wow I am amazed we would want Payton. I doubt Payton really would want to come back either but hell go wherever he gets paid the most. If only we could combine Payton's size with Stoudamire's speed and shooting ability, then we would have our PG.
  24. Mltwnsfinest

    Mltwnsfinest SRMer

    IMO i wouldnt go for either one. I would go for younger dixon ( who is being pursued by seattle)
  25. id prefer dixon to because i just like him on a personal level, but stoudamire is clearly the better player
  26. charles202

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    What happened to the Butler/Atkins trade for Kwame Brown.

    I must have been temporarily off the planet, did it go through??? what are the details?
  27. It went through just like you said. It was Butler and Atkins for Kwame. Now they'll be able to have Odom play the 3 and Kwame will be the 4 or 5.
  28. _illapeeno

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    Yes, it went through it's just that teams aren't officially allowed to sign the players and announce it until the player moratorium.
  29. When does that end?

    Is that tomorrow? Or July 31st
  30. charles202

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    Thanks guys, being in Oz I miss alot of the news.

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