Kobe Bryant Nose Broken

Discussion in 'NBA Basketball Discussion' started by KMoney, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. KMoney

    KMoney Administrator Staff Member

    Unreal why the hell would anyone commit a 'Smart Foul' during an All Star game? I said it during the game jokingly imagine if Kobe's nose broke right there. Wade should have been punched in the face.

  2. S2000ManiaC

    S2000ManiaC Moderator Staff Member

    haha sucker
  3. KMoney

    KMoney Administrator Staff Member

    I can't imagine him missing any time, but it would be funny if he wore a mask and all of a sudden you see kids wearing the mask as an accessory during their games.
  4. ACC Rulez

    ACC Rulez SRMer

    Foul seemed a little uncalled for....I think Wade forgot it was an All-Star Game for a second. It seemed he tried to play it off like it was nothing, but it was a dumb play on his part.
  5. KMoney

    KMoney Administrator Staff Member

    I really didn't like the fact that he didn't even ask if he was okay. He really did just walk away like it was nothing and Kobe was being a bitch. This year I'm really starting to not like Wade, he seems like a bitch overall.
  6. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    LeBron has rubbed off on him.

    Kobe's a baller man, playing basketball with a broken nose cannot be an easy task.
  7. _illapeeno

    _illapeeno SRMer

    I'm expecting a "hard" foul by World Peace or Bynum if Wade is going to the basket tomorrow.
  8. JShow34

    JShow34 SRMer

    Kobe is a throwback type player. The guy never misses time, never sits. Played with a knee injury last season that most people are out for the season. Hand injury the year before.

    Had the stem cell treatment this past offseason that Brandon Roy is looking into to attempt a return to the NBA. Say what you will about him but there's not denying he's tough as hell.

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