KG Cheating on Wife with Wolves Cheerleader?

Discussion in 'NBA Basketball Discussion' started by _illapeeno, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. _illapeeno

    _illapeeno SRMer

    A little drama before the Finals tip off. First it was reported Kobe was having an affair with a Lakers cheerleader, now its KG.

    Pictures below.

  2. JShow34

    JShow34 SRMer

    Aside of this, to me KG has been nothing more than soft and overrated. People equate his jungle yells and chest pounds to passion when the guy is nothing more than an act and a 7 footer who doesn't play in the paint. Pouting year after year in Minnesota and needing to be surrounded by perrenial all-stars and possible HOF's to even get in the playoffs.

    I thought it was funny when all season people were talking about him as MVP when he couldn't even average double digit rebounds and more than 2 blks per. The real heart and soul on that Celtic team is Paul Pierce.

    As for the cheerleader, I read somewhere about the comparisons between Rasheed and Kevin. Rasheed is a punk on the court but a solid guy off of it and Garnett is a class act on the court but a sleazy bastard off of it. Wouldn’t surprise me one bit.
  3. dolfan2004

    dolfan2004 SRMer

    any pics that don't appear as red X's... to see if he is making a smart decision?
  4. m2k989

    m2k989 SRMer

    Well, the pictures make it look like something's up, but I'm willing to give Garnett the benefit of the doubt, at least until these allegations are printed by a halfway reputable source. If something happens by game 3 though, Laker fans should chant her name when KG's shooting free throws.
  5. ACC Rulez

    ACC Rulez SRMer

    Mistake...his wife is way prettier. This should go in the "obvious" column. How many NBA players are faithful to their wives? Come on.



  6. KMoney

    KMoney Administrator Staff Member

    Wife is sexy! Other girl looks like as average of a girl you could find. She must have some "special talents"
  7. Deftoner

    Deftoner SRMer

    Why's he trying to be like Kobe? :lol:
  8. dolfan2004

    dolfan2004 SRMer

    Both are hot, but his wife is amazing... if he ends up losing her over this, I will piss myself.
  9. Wrathofkala

    Wrathofkala SRMer

    People have no respect, If I wanted another women I would just leave my wife. I would never cheat , that is heartless. Both girls are fantastic to me. Kevin seems like such a nice guy who feel into a trap. I don't think he's a cereal cheater. I think he may have just made a bad decision.
  10. Deftoner

    Deftoner SRMer

    And you can tell all this by watching him shoot a ball through a hoop?
  11. ACC Rulez

    ACC Rulez SRMer

    if you are a cereal cheater does that mean your eat fruit loops or frosted flakes while you are sticking your penis into someone other than your wife? :lol:

    Anyway, this is not news. NBA players are rich and tall. during their 41 road games....I am sure very hot women are throwing themselves at their size 16 feet. I would say a small percentage of NBA players (especially the stars) are actually faithful to their wives.
  12. Wrathofkala

    Wrathofkala SRMer

    No, by his interviews, mannerisms. Obviously, I don't know him personally, so that is all I can go by. I can generally get a feel for what someone is like just by hearing him talk. We all have this capability although we are not always correct.
  13. jriddle3

    jriddle3 Super Moderator Staff Member

    Piss yourself only if you have a shot at her,... and her newfound fortune.

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