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Discussion in 'The Locker Room' started by gribbzz, Feb 22, 2013.

  1. gribbzz

    gribbzz SRMer

    In a couple weeks I am going to start a juice fast. Has anyone done this before?

    This has been something I have been mulling over for a long time. I have done a lot of research, watched a a few documentaries on and excited to do. I'll be documenting my journey through a website I just created.

    When my website is set up completely I will post the link. I know some of you may have seen a picture of me when we had that thread a long time ago but I'm going to have a time elapsed picture throughout the fast.

    And just because I am sure someone might ask, I talked to my doctor about it and he agreed it would be very beneficial to me.

    Also, this isn't a "Drink just lemonade for 30 days" fast. This is 80% vegetables juiced by me. If anyone is curious watch the documentary "Fat, Sick, and nearly Dead."
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  2. smoney

    smoney SRMer

    You should take a picture of yourself everyday and then make a movie of the pictures to see yourself slim down. I'm in the process of good old fashion dieting and exercising. I'm down about 13 lbs over the last two months. Trying to drop the other 20-30 lbs I gained when I quit smoking 3 years ago......
  3. brothers11

    brothers11 SRMer

    I know some people who have done a legit juice diet and they have never felt better. Good luck
  4. gribbzz

    gribbzz SRMer

    That's actually what I meant to say I was going to do. I'm going to take a daily face, front, and profile and combine them over the duration into a video for youtube.

    I have been on many diets including one through a nutritionist that went well. I was my lowest weight as an adult after that one. The problem was I was buying all of these "healthy" foods but they are a lot of times worse because of the crap they put into it. I am hoping this will propel me into a unprocessed foods 'diet' afterward.

    That's what I am hoping for. Seeing all of the good feedback motivates me more. The only negatives I have seen are from doctors but I honestly can't trust doctors after some of the stuff I have heard from them. A friend of mine went to the doctor for their kids 1 year physical. They said their kid wasn't drinking milk, just doesn't want it at all. The doctor said, put some chocolate or strawberry in it. Are you kidding me? That is one of the biggest problem in this country and was ingrained in my thinking as child. I have no doubt conventional wisdom is what caused me to be big my whole life. While I can't put the blame solely on that I do believe sugar is a drug and sucked me in, so much so I got type 2 diabetes. That is what my blog will focus on.
  5. Negrodamus

    Negrodamus SRMer

    Good luck man... That's going to be brutal. You're going to put your willpower to the test big time because you'll be hungry often. I'm on a vegetarian diet right now (partially because of lent) and I have lost probably 15 pounds... maybe more. I also walk everywhere and play about an hour of basketball each day. New York makes losing weight incredibly easy if you're willing to get up and walk around. I honestly think driving is one of the reasons people are overweight.
  6. gribbzz

    gribbzz SRMer

    I agree with you wholeheartedly. I almost wish I lived in a city and could walk everywhere. I don't live close to public transportation so I couldn't just walk to the bus then to work. I have to drive 20-30 minutes.

    I know my will power will be tested in the first week but from most reports people are nourished on these fasts so it becomes easy. That's another reason I want to document my journey. Hopefully I will be up to giving a detailed view of my thoughts and feelings throughout the day and how many times it was hard for me.

    My wife and I have been eating a lot less animal products because they really aren't good at all. I haven't had milk in 9 months and I'm not missing it. We rarely eat eggs and meat. I will eat meat afterward but it will be far less than I do even now. A lot of questions I get are "How will you get protein and pro-biotics." Leafy greens have more protein than meat and pro-biotics can be found in a couple other foods other than dairy, like Dark chocolate!

    Hilarious photo I was just reminded of -


    How true is that?
  7. Negrodamus

    Negrodamus SRMer

    What are you going to do about fiber since juicers usually filter all the fiber out of it?

    Its definitely an interesting diet and I have no problem believing it would work. Is your wife doing it? I also think its good you are documenting it because that gives even more incentive to stick with it. I just know I'd do one day of solely juice and be like:

  8. gribbzz

    gribbzz SRMer

    Fiber is very important. Most people that I have talked to mention not worrying about it but I know I have to. The excess that comes from the juicer I plan to blend with coconut water and pour into each of my juices. I will also be using chia seeds which are a good source of fiber and protein.

    My wife isn't doing it. She isn't mentally prepared to give up solid food. She will likely supplement with juice instead which is a start. I am an all or nothing type of guy so I have just getting myself ready for it.

    Day 1-3 will be the hardest and all I will think about now is bailing, thanks! haha.
  9. Negrodamus

    Negrodamus SRMer

    Haha, I'm the same way. I've gone cold turkey on coffee the past month which has been a struggle, but what you're doing would be a challenge for me. However, if I made it public knowledge and people can hold me accountable if I cheated, then I would be less likely to dive into the solid foods. I hope for the best man, sounds like a pretty cool challenge.
  10. KMoney

    KMoney Administrator Staff Member

    I did "mean green" which was used during the documentary Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead. I didn't use it to lose weight because I wasn't looking to lose weight (best way to lose weight is the south beach diet, I've done that before and ate bacon and eggs for breakfast and chicken and steak almost every meal). I did mean green because it has health benefits which were beneficial to me. Made me feel better actually. I would try that out, I don't have the will power to do liquid only. Good for you if you pull it off.

    Mean Green
  11. HizzO

    HizzO SRMer

    A couple years back, I watched "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and was amazed by the amount of weight loss, as well as the willpower to stick to it for so long. Afterward, I was motivated to try it myself. I only planned to do it for 10 days just to see if I could do it, kind of just to test myself. I made it the full ten days drinking veggies and fruits, and only ate a couple handfuls of carrots throughout the ten days. I lost ~18 lbs total. Days 3 & 4 were the hardest for me. The cravings I had for things like sugar and carbs over the ten day stretch were unbelievable. Unfortunately I have put the weight back on since. For me, my problem is I have this thought in the back of my mind that all I have to do is juice again and I can lose weight quickly. I have to get over that mentality because making major dietary changes is really what I need.

    Good luck to you. How long are you planning to juice? Do you have a goal by days or lbs? Just by writing this I am motivated to make some changes. I would like to drop about 85 lbs from where I am at now.
  12. gribbzz

    gribbzz SRMer

    That will be the base of what I juice. Probably about 50% of it. The rest will be other colors of vegetables and a couple fruit juices.

    I thought about doing a 10 day to start but then I thought I really don't want to just do it for 10 days. If almost half the days are in agony it would almost seem like a waste. Also I fear if I don't do it for longer I will fall back to what I was eating.

    This is as much about weight loss as it is about diabetes. I can completely reverse it with this and a change to my diet. I have always said if I got down to 220 I would be happy but I think with this my goal is a little higher. I am at 295 now and at my heaviest as an adult I was 330 and lowest I was 280.

    I plan to at least do a 60 day fast but as long as I am liking it I will go all the way up to 100 days which is the max.

    March 8th is my target. I want to be 30 days in before I attempt a 5k which I signed up for on April 7th. I should be 25-30 pounds by then.
  13. vick805

    vick805 SRMer

    Man good luck! It's very good that you are doing this type of change but make sure that is for the right reasons of feeling health and getting your health back rather than losing pound. If you look at juicing just to drop pounds then you'll gain more back once you're done. Switching to a healthy lifestyle is hard but not impossible. You can either gradually integrate more veggies in your diet and then go vegetarian and slowly into vegan.

    I have done the juicing and it does work. Make sure you juice lots of greens and be careful with carrots, apples and oranges since they do pack lots of sugars. Also make sure to drink lots of water and stay hydrated.
  14. gribbzz

    gribbzz SRMer

    It is definitely more about being healthy but part of that is losing weight.

    Thanks for the tip. I do have to be careful with sugars, it can't just be a normal fast which will also be the direction of my blog.
  15. gribbzz

    gribbzz SRMer

    Starting date is set! March 8th
    My website is set up, it is pretty bare bones right now but it will be mainly for tracking and talking about the fast.


    I am also a month away from my first official 5K. By official I mean a road race, I have done many 5Ks on the treadmill and at tracks.
  16. HizzO

    HizzO SRMer

    gribbzz, the site looks good, except the links in the Links section of your site aren't true links. I had to copy/paste them into another window.
  17. gribbzz

    gribbzz SRMer

    I just typed them there and meant to go back but never did. Thank you for pointing that out.
  18. Deftoner

    Deftoner SRMer

    How's the diet going? I see on your blog you've dropped about 10 pounds. Good job, keep it up.
  19. KMoney

    KMoney Administrator Staff Member

    I found this blender which I'm going to buy and think it would be great for you too. I stopped doing this because the cleanup process was a bitch using a juicer. Called the nutribullet A friend I know has this and told me about it so I looked into it. Going to buy one eventually it's $100 so that's a bit much for a blender/juicer. But you can watch videos online just throwing stuff in it and there is none of that extra junk or cleaning process.

    I'd do a mean green once a day again if I had this.
  20. gribbzz

    gribbzz SRMer

    Thank you, As you probably read I am not doing a strictly juice diet now. I got to 8 days and really just wanted to eat dinner with my family. At that point I didn't feel hungry at all. It was the most satisfied my body has ever felt but there was that desire to sit down and eat.

    Since then I have just maintained the weight loss but it will pick up soon. I am running every day to prepare for the 5K I am doing next Sunday. Yesterday I ran a mile and a half at an 11 min per mile pace. Each day until I hit 5K I will add another quarter mile. That first half mile kills me but after that its a breeze until almost the end.

    I do plan on doing a couple juice only fasts in the middle as I found the process extremely easy to follow. The only down side was not eating with my family, as I mentioned. I know I can do it while I am at work because I don't have any kind of connection with eating here.

    A juicing blender is something I may pick up in the future. The nutribullet is as good of a juicing blender as the magic bullet is a blender. So not phenomenal but not terrible. The ninja blender/juicer from the reviews I have read looks like its great at this. It is also the size of a normal blender.

    If you do go with the nutribullet make sure you get it at bed bath and beyond with their 20% coupon. I used that one my juicer and ended up only paying $240 instead of $300.

    When I am finally done with the mainly juice diet I will probably drink a green juice every day. The nutritional value in it makes it worth it. I have been doing a lot of reading from two main blogs that focus on real food. One is foodbabe.com who advocates havinga green juice daily and the other is 100daysofrealfood.com. They are taking on big companies that have artificial ingredients in it.

    If nothing else this whole experience has shifted how I think about food. The feeling i got when my body was satisfied was awesome. I had only felt that a few other times, both times I was in the hospital.
  21. KMoney

    KMoney Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah absolutely it's good for body pain's, energy, etc etc. I did this and everything improved, I just really really hated the process of making it and cleaning it up. Since it goes bad quickly I would make a large amount at once to last me 3-5 days worth. I'll look into those other blenders for sure.

    The thing about this juice is that it is cheap. Like I said I would make a large container and it could last me 5 days and all I spent was like $15 bucks. So hey if anyone is broke and wants to get healthier there you go. All you need is like $20 for a weeks worth of meals!
  22. gribbzz

    gribbzz SRMer

    I don't know if it is that cheap but it can be affordable if you take a look at what you are spending on food now. I usually make enough for no more than 3 days in advance. I was spending probably a little more than $10 a day. Which may sound like a lot but I was eating lunch for $7 and breakfast and dinner would cost more than $3.

    There is also the regular vs organic price difference. I try to get the dirty dozen in organic. The price difference may be significant but the benefits I believe are huge, but it's debatable. I do not ever buy GMO vegetables though.


    What I usually do is buy a big bag of oranges and two kinds of apples which would be a week or a little mores worth. I then will buy a couple bunches of kale, celery, european cukes (none that that shellack crap), carrots, and some various stuff every once in a while like peppers, pears, tomatoes, whatever is on sale.
  23. KMoney

    KMoney Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah I was doing Kale with everything. Typically the original mean green, cale, celery, cucumbers, green apples, ginger root, lemon and whatever else. Sounds terrible, not bad at all.
  24. gribbzz

    gribbzz SRMer

    At first it was terrible but that concoction is pretty tasty. Kale is a lot better than I thought it would be. A little bitter but cut with the lemon and ginger it tastes great.
  25. KMoney

    KMoney Administrator Staff Member

    Yeah I've always been a vegetable and fruit eater since i was a kid so for me there were no issues as far as taste. Kale by itself is probably tough to eat though. What's the best drink combo you've made so far? I really didn't experiment too much, I contemplated throwing in some sweeter fruits like cantaloupe, pineapple, cherries etc, but was afraid that would defeat the whole purpose of it. I eat cherries a ton regardless for body pain and they are delicious haha.
  26. gribbzz

    gribbzz SRMer

    I've stuck with the rule of 80-20% vegetables to fruit. Usually the veggie one is those vegetables I mentioned without much variation. For the fruit one I have included mango, pineapple, strawberries, blueberries. I always put in oranges and apples. But the fruit ones are usually half cucumber and celery with the fruit for taste.
  27. gco211

    gco211 Moderator

    This is a bit off of this topic, but I think we all know the Mill thrives on ongoing conversations/threads more than shortlived threads, so I figure this thread might be a prime breeding ground for some sort of health and diet conversation. I've been wanting to to lose a few pounds and have recently considered trying to eat one half of an avocado directly before I eat dinner whenever I can. I figure it's a taste I generally like, will hopefully encourage me to eat less of the main meal, and is only high in healthy fats (I leave it to the floor to discuss that issue).

    Dinner is my main meal of the of the day, but it is also a meal that I tend to eat crap at. I'm thinking adding an avocado fifteen minutes before hand, in addition to whatever vegetable I eat with dinner will help me avoid a bunch of pasta or whatever we're eating.

    What do you all think about avocados eaten in this way or in general? And, is it bad to focus on a vegetable like an avocado before hand if I also eat a serving or two of something else (generally broccoli, corn, or most commonly green beans) during dinner proper.
  28. KMoney

    KMoney Administrator Staff Member

    From my experience, vegies and fruit are good for health purposes. If you want to lose weight hands down do the south beach diet. It's really not a diet, at all. Just don't eat carbs. You can lose 5-10 pounds in a week (depending on your weight I suppose).

    I was in an accident a few years ago so basically wasn't active for months and put on like 20 pounds. All I did was eat bacon and eggs, steak, chicken, tuna, almonds etc for a week and lost 10 pounds. Lost the other 10 the next week and was back to my normal weight. This was all without exercise as well. I do it every once in a while for a day or 2 to lose weight. So for someone looking to lose a few pounds fast, this is easily the solution in my opinion.
  29. Ronin

    Ronin Sexual Tyrannosaurus Staff Member

    Hey good luck bud! But do us a favor ok? Take a picture every 7-10 days.
    If I have to view a shit load of pictures of your ugly ass over an extended period I may lose my mind! ;)
    All jokes aside man, stay the course and much success!!!
  30. gribbzz

    gribbzz SRMer

    I'm not sure how the avocado would help you in a filling capacity. They are a great healthy fat and I eat quite a bit of them.

    Recently I have been eating a lot of foods that are high in fiber while also juicing throughout the day. Tonight for dinner I am going to have a kale and avocado salad.

    Haha, thanks. I have really slacked on the picture taking. This has taken up so much of my time between Juicing, shopping for juicing and other healthy meals and running I have been crazy busy.

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