George Zimmerman to be charged

Discussion in 'The Locker Room' started by Deftoner, Apr 11, 2012.

  1. Deftoner

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  2. Deftoner

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  3. Deftoner

    Deftoner SRMer

    Second-degree murder. I'm sure he'll plead to a lesser charge.
  4. dolfan2004

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    He's gonna walk... with the laws in place down there, and the little evidence there is, he will get a hung jury.
  5. cmnelson1987

    cmnelson1987 SRMer

    Unless new evidence comes/has come out, or other evidence is thrown out for some reason, I disagree. But, we've been over this, so no point in going over the same stuff again.
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  6. Ronin

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  7. Deftoner

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    If that happens, I predict this:
  8. Lawdog

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    Miles to go before we sleep, peeps. That said, the fact his old lawyers fired him and Zim called the prosecutor himself all point to trying and formulate a diminished capacity/insanity defense, or just a panic from a troubled soul about to go on trial for his life, which is good for everyone. Let's just sit back and watch this play out, but I can tell you one thing from practical experience, terminating lawyers early on or mid stream generally ends badly and worse is when the lawyers publicly fire you.
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  9. MookStunna

    MookStunna SRMer

    Yeah, Lawdog, that was my thought when I read his lawyers "quit" yesterday. They were finally able to dissect all the bullshit, and saw how effed perhaps the defendant is.

    What is Justice in this case at this point? Clearly, in the eyes of the public (or most of it), dude is guilty. Can he get a fair trial in Fla? Anywhere in the USA? I did have to LOLOLOLOL HARD when I saw the prisoner holding up his fan poster earlier in the thread.


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