Female Fan Goes Topless Before Being Kicked Out of Utah/TCU Game

Discussion in 'NCAA College Football Discussion' started by robdog, Nov 10, 2010.

  1. robdog

    robdog Administrator Staff Member

  2. Negrodamus

    Negrodamus SRMer

    Nice tits...

    She wasn't the only one exposed that day.
  3. kofanis0880

    kofanis0880 SRMer

    Damn, Id like to fuck those titties... I didn't know Utah girls got down like that...
  4. Deftoner

    Deftoner SRMer

    Trying to one up, or two up, the Florida State girls.

    Chick was badass, keeping her top off even as she was hauled away.

    Anyone see that one dude try to cop a feel.
  5. MookStunna

    MookStunna SRMer

    That's awesome.

    If I were in the stands u know I'd be yellin, "PUT EM ON THE GLASS HO!"
  6. smoney

    smoney SRMer

  7. S2000ManiaC

    S2000ManiaC Moderator Staff Member


    she really... took it off.
  8. The Rattler

    The Rattler SRMer

    Almost reminds me of a Spring Training game in Arizona..:hearteyes:

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