F-22 Raptor. Come fly against us if you dare.

Discussion in 'The Locker Room' started by Ronin, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. Ronin

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    In Actual In-flight (simulated) Combat Operations against the F-15,
    Two FA-22s were able to operate without detection while they went
    head to head against (8) F-15s. The FA-22s scored Missile Hits (Kills)
    against all the F-15 Aircraft and the F/A-22s were never detected by
    either the F-15s or Ground Based Radar. Maj. Gen. Rick Lewis said:
    'The Raptor Operated Against All Adversaries with Virtual Impunity;
    Ground Based Systems Couldn't Engage and NO Adversary Aircraft Survived'!

    FA-22 -- America 's Most Advanced Fighter Aircraft for the 21st Century!
    They're a titanium and carbon fiber Dagger. They're so advanced that if
    their on-board locator is switched off even our own satellites can lose track
    of them. They're the first military Aircraft ever built that is equipped
    with a 'black-out button'. What that Means is this:[/FONT]
    The best conditioned fighter pilots are capable of maintaining consciousness
    up to in the vicinity of 15+ G. The Raptor is capable of making 22+ G turns. [/FONT]
    [FONT=&quot]If someday an adversary builds a missile that is capable of catching
    up to one of these airplanes and a Raptor pilot sees that a strike is
    Imminent, he hits the 'b.o.b.' and the Airplane makes a virtual U-turn,
    leaving the missile to pass right on by.

    They know that in the process he will temporarily lose consciousness, so the
    Raptor then automatically comes back to straight and level flight until he
    wakes back up.[/FONT]

  2. bipolarboy

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    Well, that's no fair.
  3. jriddle3

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    The black-out button technology is pretty damn cool - the pilot hits the button to evade missles and the airplane takes control until the pilot regains consciousness.

    And, as cool as the F22 Raptor is, budget cuts are making way for the more economical F35. The F35 is a comparable plane but a definite 2nd to the F22.

    Reportedly, as vastly superior as the the F22 is, My Air Force buddies told me that it went against a super duper top secret mystery aircraft and got its' ass handed to it. So we apparently have even better technology in the pipe.

    If properly funded, we should control the air for decades with these aircraft.
  4. mesahotguy5

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    Starscream would rip this thing to shreds. ;)
  5. gribbzz

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    That is sick, except for I think that our days of fighting other planes may be behind us. Either way that is just nuts, to be going crazy fast and do a U-turn like you are in the game Hawx knowing you will lose consciousness. Wow.

    Now we should get the technology to fly one of these without a pilot so you don't have to lose consciousness at all.
  6. jriddle3

    jriddle3 Super Moderator Staff Member

    In spite of a possible Presidential veto due to the F22, Senators buck administration, vote for more fighter jets - Jen DiMascio - POLITICO.com

  7. i81b4i8u

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    I agree here, Starscream could do it with one missle tied behind his wing too!
  8. jriddle3

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    Someone needs to get Michael Bay to the Pentagon.
  9. shaggy13

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    the thing about it is that those f-15 could each take out 8 of what any other country has.

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