Chiefs keep Bowe, Albert, Colquitt

Discussion in 'NFL Football Discussion' started by KMoney, Mar 4, 2013.

  1. KMoney

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  2. mesahotguy5

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    Even more reason for the Vikings to draft Keenan Allen in the 1st. Were not fixing the WR position in FA now.
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  3. mesahotguy5

    mesahotguy5 SRMer

    Didnt mean to hijack the thread....carry on
  4. Negrodamus

    Negrodamus SRMer

    Bowe probably got a call from Andy too... And he probably told him about how he throws the ball 70% of the time.
  5. dolfan2004

    dolfan2004 SRMer

    IMO, tagging Albert... I still think Joekel is the 1st pick.
  6. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    Did I see correctly...Bowe is a top 3 paid WR?
  7. dolfan2004

    dolfan2004 SRMer

  8. Lawdog

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    I would be interested in seeing if that Bowe contract has some loopholes in it, b/c Bowe does not fit the Reid system prototypical WR.
  9. dolfan2004

    dolfan2004 SRMer

    He is a TO clone... For all the problems he had, his 1 year in Philly was the best WR Reid ever had...

    What I was interested in, was what this does for Mike Wallace... He wants to make more than Bowe... I say "Jeff Ireland, cut the check".
  10. mesahotguy5

    mesahotguy5 SRMer

    With a good QB he could be worth that money.

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