Bill Clement fired from Versus

Discussion in 'NHL & College Hockey Discussion' started by Rickus25, Aug 15, 2007.

  1. Rickus25

    Rickus25 SRMer

    Bill Clement is no longer the host of Hockey Central on Versus. Bill Patrick has been named the new host with analysis from Keith Jones and Brian Engblom. Could this be signs that this is Versus's last year of NHL coverage and the possible return of NHL on ESPN with Doc or Gary with Bill Clement.

    Incidentally check out this versus video of the studio hosts punking the new guy.
  2. kevin515

    kevin515 SRMer

    Man I would love to see hockey moved back to ESPN. Gary Thorn was a great announcer.
  3. Seoulkid

    Seoulkid SRMer

    from what I've been hearing the NHL is going to be heading back to ESPN next year
  4. NUhockey28

    NUhockey28 SRMer

    i've heard that espn and the nhl might be back together as early as the 2008-2009 campaign.
  5. Dannomyte

    Dannomyte SRMer

    I've hear it all now!!!!!
  6. kringle9

    kringle9 SRMer

    Why, so they can show baseball and whatever the fuck else they show? I was not a big fan of vs. but at least I got to watch some hockey.
  7. MACAggies15

    MACAggies15 SRMer

    I think you'll see a different marketing of the NHL on ESPN And they won't want to cut out as many games for other sports as they have young stars Crosby, Malkin, Ovechkin, Backstrom, Semin, Kane, Toews, just to name a few.
  8. I have been a huge hockey fan all of my life, but I finally stopped fighting the fight that America just doesn't understand the game and if they actually watched it, would see that it is a great sport. Americans outside of the Northern Regions honestly don't care. The reality is that ESPN can put on indoor track and field or bassmasters and get a better rating. I would love to see it move back to ESPN so that I can see John Buccigross do his stuff. If they do, I guarantee you they won't be paying the NHL for the television rights. And guess what teams will be on every game (Rangers, Flyers, Red Wings, Leafs, Avs and Stars) Every other team will only make it on if they are playing one of these teams.

    As far as getting rid of Bill Clement, I thought he kind of sucked as the host of VS coverage. He was better as an analyst. I would love to see Mike Milbury get back on the tube. He always had something controversial to say.
  9. ThomasTomasz

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    Gary Thorne is actually under contract for the Orioles TV networ, Mid-Atlantic Sports Network. I think it was a multi-year deal. But, if hockey does come back to ESPN, it can only be good for exposure. Still, it will be half-ass coverage like NBC gave it, like a game a week or something silly.
  10. RampantWing

    RampantWing SRMer

    Well, that means my two least favorite hockey announcers are not currently in the broadcast booth. First, Thorne went to broadcasting baseball--now Clement.

    Sunny days, friend!

    Mike Milbury will now be on TSN, but I'd love to see them get Darren Pang back from the Coyotes to do some of the analysis.

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