Are there any P2P programs still working?

Discussion in 'The Locker Room' started by J-Pass, Nov 1, 2006.

  1. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    Trying to find a song to turn into a ringtone for the girlfriend, but I couldn't find the CD at FYE, and I can't find it for download on the torrents or IRC.

    Back in the day, I would've Kazaa'd or Limewire'd the song (since it's only one song) and it'd work like a charm.. but I don't think either of those 2 programs work anymore (for free at least).

    Does anyone still use any P2P programs?
  2. ThomasTomasz

    ThomasTomasz Moderator Staff Member

    I believe that Limewire is still for free, but it isn't worth the spyware barrage after you attempt to delete it.

    I would try MySpace for the song, to see what you can find. With luck, the band/group might have it available to download there.
  3. ssags11

    ssags11 SRMer

    Yeah becareful of limewire. Hes right the stinking spyware crap drove me nuts for days until I went through everything.
  4. ThomasTomasz

    ThomasTomasz Moderator Staff Member

    I had IMESH on my old Gateway, and that beast worked for 6 years until the second time through IMESH. After I deleted it, oh yeah, bye bye. It didn't destroy the Gateway, but it runs extremely slow. I can't even get an updated spy sweeper program in there to get rid of it all, even after a year and a half.
  5. ssags11

    ssags11 SRMer

    Yup I had a spysweeper already on my puter so that saved the day. It pisses me off that others do this. I mean who are they hurting but the average joe who saves money to have a few nice things. It was my own damn fault though a friend told me there was free porn on there so like a diry dog I had to go and see what was there. I got what deserved in that case but I think you catch my drift.
  6. ThomasTomasz

    ThomasTomasz Moderator Staff Member

    I understand completely. The thing is, that is how they make their money. They encorporate all this crap to get your personal information for other companies, and to put pop-ups on your computer, and they get cash from these companies. It is how they can afford equipment, employees, and money for their lawyers when something inevitably goes wrong.
  7. Ronin

    Ronin Sexual Tyrannosaurus Staff Member

    Why are you not filling in that info as Joe Snuffy like I do.
    I created a Joe Snuffy account and have been using limewire for 9 months now! No problems... Bang Brothers is awesome.
    That chick Kimmy has the greatest black girl body i've ever seen on a white girl! Freakin excellent!!! Get Windows Defender and Symantec Corporate edition antivirus. PM me.
  8. ThomasTomasz

    ThomasTomasz Moderator Staff Member

    When you go to delete Limewire, it unleashes a torrent of spyware and stuff onto your harddrive, and makes it a mess to get rid of, even with a good computer and protection software.
  9. ssags11

    ssags11 SRMer

    Yup my computer had a breakdown and its brand new I almost had a frinking heart attack. I have since been able to fix it but I had to struggle through it for a day.
  10. Venomlace

    Venomlace Moderator Staff Member

    Bit Torrents, use them!

    Google Azureus.
  11. komike

    komike SRMer

    What is the song? Maybe someone here has it and could email it to you. You could try using newsgroups as alternative also.
  12. wsu2023

    wsu2023 SRMer

    You can download Bitcomet and from there you can get Limewire Pro edition...that has worked great for me without all the crap!
  13. crew

    crew SRMer

    I liked Azureus (and still do), but it started leaking memory which sucked ass, so I switched to uTorrent. I don't know if it is better, but it isn't worse.
  14. crew

    crew SRMer

    J-Pass what specific song are you looking for? I have a "membership" to some invite only torrent sites and they quite a bunch of shit there. I can see if I can find it.
  15. smoney

    smoney SRMer

    Which song? I have (or can get) about about every song out there.

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