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  1. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    General Managers:



    Rajon Rondo
    Amare Stoudemire
    Danilo Gallinari
    Gordon Hayward

    Carmelo Anthony
    James Harden
    Paul George
    Joakim Noah

    Kevin Durant
    Mike Conley
    Brandon Jennings
    Marc Gasol

    Dirk Nowitzki
    Joe Johnson
    Al Jefferson
    David West

    Derrick Rose
    Dwight Howard
    Kyle Lowry
    Monta Ellis

    stephen curry
    paul gassol
    ty lawson
    david lee

    LeBron James
    Blake Griffin
    Russell Westbrook
    Marcin Gortat

    Deron Williams
    Chris Bosh
    Rudy Gay
    Andrew Bynum

    Kobe Bryant
    LaMarcus Aldridge
    Kyrie Irving
    John Wall

    Dwayne Wade
    Al Horford
    Nicolas Batum
    Demarcus Cousins

    Chris Paul
    Serge Ibaka
    Paul Millsap
    Danny Granger

    Kevin Love
    Josh Smith
    Eric Gordon
    Tyreke Evans
  2. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    Draft Board:
    (Draft order in this round, does not reflect actual draft order)

    1 1 Scoonie - Derrick Rose, CHI PG
    1 2 Mello - Dwyane Wade, G MIA
    1 3 Claw - Rajon Rondo, BOS PG
    1 4 Tykixx - Kevin Love, F MIN
    1 5 Woody - Pau Gasol, F LAL
    1 6 Bengals - Dirk Nowitzki, F DAL
    1 7 cmnelson - Kevin Durant, F OKC
    1 8 J-Pass - Deron Williams, PG BKL
    1 9 ACC - Kobe Bryant, G LAL
    1 10 Archer - Chris Paul, PG LAC
    1 11 Kmoney - Carmelo Anthony, F NYK
    1 12 Rattler - LeBron James, F MIA

    2 13 Rattler - Russell Westbrook, G OKC
    2 14 Kmoney - James Harden, G OKC
    2 15 Archer - Serge Ibaka, F OKC
    2 16 ACC - Kyrie Irving, PG CLE
    2 17 J-Pass - Andrew Bynum, C PHI
    2 18 cmnelson - Brandon Jennings, G MIL
    2 19 Bengals - Joe Johnson, G BKL
    2 20 Woody - Stephen Curry, G GSW
    2 21 Tykixx - Eric Gordon, G NOR
    2 22 Claw - Amar'e Stoudemire, PF NYK
    2 23 Mello - Al Horford, C ATL
    2 24 Scoonie - Dwight Howard, C LAL

    3 25 Scoonie - Kyle Lowry, G TOR
    3 26 Mello - DeMarcus Cousins, C SAC
    3 27 Claw - Danilo Gallinari, F DEN
    3 28 Tykixx - Josh Smith, F ATL
    3 29 Woody - Ty Lawson, PG DEN
    3 30 Bengals - Al Jefferson, F UTA
    3 31 cmnelson - Mike Conley, PG MEM
    3 32 J-Pass - Chris Bosh, F MIA
    3 33 ACC - LaMarcus Aldridge, F POR
    3 34 Archer - Paul Millsap, F UTA
    3 35 Kmoney - Joakim Noah, C CHI
    3 36 Rattler - Blake Griffin, F LAC

    4 37 Rattler - Marcin Gortat, C PHX
    4 38 Kmoney - Paul George, F IND
    4 39 Archer - Danny Granger, F IND
    4 40 ACC - John Wall, G WSH
    4 41 J-Pass - Rudy Gay, F MEM
    4 42 cmnelson - Marc Gasol, C MEM
    4 43 Bengals - David West, F IND
    4 44 Woody - David Lee, F GSW
    4 45 Tykixx - Tyreke Evans, G SAC
    4 46 Claw - Gordon Hayward, F UTA
    4 47 Mello - Nicolas Batum, F POR
    4 48 Scoonie - Monta Ellis, G MIL
  3. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    Draft Board Pt. 2:
    All times are EST

    49 Mello - Greg Monroe, C DET
    50 Scoonie - Anthony Davis, F NOR
    51 Bengals - Steve Nash, G LAL
    52 Woody - Ryan Anderson, F/C NO
    53 Claw - Roy Hibbert, C IND
    54 TyKixx - Klay Thompson G/F GS
    55 cmnelson - Tim Duncan, F/C SAN
    56 J-Pass - Jeremy Lin, G HOU
    57 ACC - Brook Lopez, C BKN
    58 Archer - Goran Dragic, G PHO
    59 Kmoney - Andre Iguodala, G/F DEN
    60 Rattler - Jrue Holiday, G PHI

    61 Rattler - Paul Pierce, F BOS
    62 Kmoney - Tony Parker, G SAS
    63 Archer - Tyson Chandler, C NYK
    64 ACC - Gerald Wallace, F BKN
    65 J-Pass - Marcus Thornton, G SAC
    66 cmnelson - Luol Deng, F CHI
    67 Mello (via TyKixx) - Ricky Rubio, G MIN
    68 Claw - Ersan Ilyasova, F MIL
    69 Woody - Zach Randolph, F MEM
    70 Bengals - Ray Allen, G MIA
    71 Scoonie - Kevin Garnett, F BOS
    72 TyKixx (via Mello) - Kenneth Farried, F DEN

    73 TyKixx (via Mello) - Mo Williams, G UTA
    74 Scoonie - Carlos Boozer, F CHI
    75 Bengals - Elton Brand, F DAL
    76 Woody - Raymond Felton, G NYK
    77 Claw - Evan Turner, G PHI
    78 Mello (via TyKixx) - Arron Afflalo, G ORL
    79 cmnelson - Andrew Bogut, C GSW
    80 J-Pass - Andrea Bargnani, F/C TOR
    81 ACC - Manu Ginobili, G SAS
    82 Archer - Luis Scola, F PHX
    83 Kmoney - Damian Lillard, G POR
    84 Rattler - Kris Humphries, F BKN

    85 Rattler - Kevin Martin, G HOU
    86 Kmoney - Michael Kidd-Gilchrist, F CHA
    87 Archer - Jason Terry, G BOS
    88 ACC - Bradley Beal, G WSH
    89 J-Pass - Thaddeus Young, F PHI
    90 cmnelson - Wesley Matthews, G POR
    91 TyKixx - JaVale McGee, C DEN
    92 Claw - Jeff Teague, G ATL
    93 Woody - Jose Calderon, G TOR
    94 Bengals - Isaiah Thomas, G SAC
    95 Scoonie - O.J. Mayo, G DAL
    96 Mello - Kemba Walker, G CHA
  4. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    Draft Board Pt. 3:
    All times are EST

    97 TyKixx (from Mello) - Lou Williams, G ATL
    98 Scoonie - Brandon Knight, G DET
    99 Bengals - Nene Hilario, C WAS
    100 Woody - Chris Kaman, C DAL
    101 Claw - Darren Collison, G DAL
    102 MeLLo (from TyKixx) - Spencer Hawes, C PHI
    103 cmnelson - Harrison Barnes, F GS
    104 J-Pass - Chandler Parsons, F HOU
    105 ACC - Michael Beasley, F PHX
    106 Archer - Anderson Varejao, C CLE
    107 Kmoney - Thomas Robinson, F SAC
    108 Rattler - DeAndre Jordan, C LAC

    109 Rattler - Jameer Nelson, G ORL
    110 Kmoney - Derrick Favors, F UTA
    111 Archer - DeMar DeRozan, G TOR
    112 ACC - Trevor Ariza, F WSH
    113 J-Pass - Brandon Roy, G MIN
    114 cmnelson - Dorell Wright, F PHI
    115 TyKixx - Andrei Kirilenko, F MIN
    116 Claw - Gustavo Ayon, C ORL
    117 Woody - Kawhi Leonard, F SAS
    118 Bengals - Omer Asik, C HOU
    119 Scoonie - Dion Waiters, G CLE
    120 Mello - Glen Davis, F ORL

    121 Mello - Rodney Stuckey, G DET
    122 Scoonie - Jared Sullinger, F BOS
    123 Bengals - Jordan Crawford, G WSH
    124 Woody - Jarrett Jack, G GSW
    125 Claw - Tristan Thompson, F CLE
    126 TyKixx - Nikola Pekovic, C MIN
    127 cmnelson - Shawn Marion, F DAL
    128 J-Pass - J.R. Smith, G NYK
    129 ACC - SKIPPED!
    130 Archer - Jonas Valanciunas, C TOR
    131 Kmoney - Samuel Dalembert, C MIL
    132 Rattler - Jared Dudley, F PHX

    133 Rattler - J.J. Hickson, F POR
    134 Kmoney - 10/25 1 PM
    135 Archer - 10/25 2 PM
    136 ACC - 10/25 3 PM
    137 J-Pass - 10/25 4 PM
    138 cmnelson - 10/25 5 PM
    139 TyKixx - 10/25 6 PM
    140 Claw - 10/25 7 PM
    141 Woody - 10/25 8 PM
    142 Bengals - 10/25 9 PM
    143 Scoonie - 10/25 10 PM
    144 Mello - 10/25 11 PM
  5. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    Alright guys, draft boards up. It gives me a few days after the fact to input all the results.
    If you make trades, make them EXTREMELY EASY for me to adjust to, aka EQUAL PARTS. Want to deal 2 picks? Cool, deal them for 2 players (etc, etc.)

    Let the game(s) begin.

    FYI, when the draft begins, if you draft an already drafted player. We won't wait for you. Your mistake will cost you time and possibly players.

    Make sure you don't do this by typing Control + F, and "finding" if the player you want has already been selected. I will also attempt to keep the Available Player list updated, but admittedly, it will be tough.
  6. MeLLo

    MeLLo SRMer

    Whoa Why is scoonie picking ahead of me? I was dead last.

    I was 32-93-1 and scoonie was 41-83-3
  7. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    You won the 11th place game in the consolation bracket in the postseason:

    11th Place Game

    (11) Scoonie12g3
    (12) MeLLo6
  8. claw1185

    claw1185 SRMer

    So...an important thing to remember as I am new to the league...if I miss the playoffs, I shouldn't set a lineup?
  9. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    If you tank, you won't be permitted to join the league the following season. If you're planning on tanking, be super secret squirrel about it.
  10. MeLLo

    MeLLo SRMer

    Consolation game? That makes zero sense. My team was significantly worse all year & a better team gets a higher pick based off a consolation game. We need to change that this year, otherwise it's like Mitt Romney's keeper league - ensuring the poor stay poor & giving breaks to the rich.
  11. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    His team is better? You beat him in the final game of the season. We can't just decide who gets to draft where based on the talent they currently have. We can only make judgements based on performances. Perhaps moving forward, we can make adjustments, but this is currently how Yahoo! leagues are set-up to run, and they determined you to be... (DUN DUN)

  12. MeLLo

    MeLLo SRMer

    No, you get to decide where to draft based on who was worse ALL YEAR. Not based off some retarded consolation bracket that takes one week into account. He also beat me 6-3 in the regular season. I only won 2 weeks!!! Both were 5-4. That's all season!
  13. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    Well if you click standings, it has you ranked 11th, not 12th. Yahoo sets the standings based on all postseason affairs. Don't blame me because your team won a game.
  14. MeLLo

    MeLLo SRMer

    I suffer through an entire season of setting my roster for that shit & I don't even get the 1st pick I earned? No offense, but scoonie made ZERO player adds/drops all year. I had the 3rd most in the league - I actually tried.
  15. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    I don't know what to tell you man. It sucks, but I'm not sure how to help you. The standings are what they are. If I make any changes now, other GM's might not stand for it, and will additionally have a problem, just as you do. I went with the standings displayed on last year's league page. What did you think the 11th place game was for? Bragging rights?
  16. claw1185

    claw1185 SRMer

    In other news, I am willing to move down in the draft if someone is looking to get up to #3
  17. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    I think ala the League (FX Tv show), we should have a "Sacko" of sorts, so guys won't openly aspire to last place. If you come in last place (aka loser of the 11th place game). I think you should have to sport a "The Biggest Loser" banner in your signature until the beginning of the following season. The banner will be designed by myself.
  18. MeLLo

    MeLLo SRMer

    I didn't even know there was an 11th place game. I've never been in a fantasy league that had that. Otherwise I would have tanked to claim what was rightfully mine. Once the season was done - so was I. I assumed that b/c I didn't make the playoffs my season was over - like every other league I've ever been in.
  19. ACC Rulez

    ACC Rulez SRMer

    Personally, I think we should draft the opposite way. Best team gets the top pick....the idea of tanking to get a top pick has been done before. I know I am in the minority...but it kinda sucks that teams can see they suck and just pack it in until next year.

    Anyway, this kinda follows real life....as the Bobcats had the worst season ever and didn't get the #1 pick.....and I think it is the same person you are looking for.
  20. The Rattler

    The Rattler SRMer

    With all due respect, I tend to agree with Mello. Hardly anybody beats their chest claiming they are trying to win the consulation medal and at that point, teams rated from 12th to 7th should be noted. The playoffs are a differnt story however.
  21. The Rattler

    The Rattler SRMer

    I'm the Champ and there's no way in hell I should get the first pick. I hope that was a joke filled with sarcasm. LOL
  22. claw1185

    claw1185 SRMer

    I think the out of playoff teams SHOULD be in order of draft. But I think that you have to have the rule set it stone during the year...so I guess it should be next season...
  23. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    Mello should be first.
  24. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    Looking to trade up
  25. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    Alright, seems like you all came to a consensus. I'll change the order. Wait to make picks until I make it reflect the record and not the final standings (other than teams in the postseason).
  26. J-Pass

    J-Pass The Producer

    Draft order has been updated, we can begin whenever.
  27. drarcher

    drarcher Administrator Staff Member

    I would vote yes for a lottery going forward between all the bottom teams. Gets rid of the tank strategy which is hugh in basketball since one stud rookie can be a difference maker.
  28. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    Mello... first pick avail.?
  29. TyKixx

    TyKixx SRMer

    Scoonie, 2nd pick?
  30. MeLLo

    MeLLo SRMer

    Yeah, but it depends. I'm waiting on a pm from someone.

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